Khalid bin Walid defeats the Sassanids in the Battle of Saniyy and Muzayyah

Today on the 8th of November* in 633 CE, Khalid bin Walid defeated the Sassanids in the Battle of Saniyy. The battle of Saniyy took place after the Battle of Muzayyah.

After defeating the Sassanids in the battle of Ain Al-Tamr in July 633, Khalid left to help Iyad ibn Ghanm in the Battle of Dumat Al-Jandal against Arab rebels. His absence gave much time to the Sassanids to recruit the army. Khalid was planning to attack Sassanid capital Ctesiphon but stopped seeing the threat at Muzayyah. Khalid made a maneuver and defeated Sassanids with a 3-direction night attack.

Taking advantage of Khalid’s absence in Hira and Ain al-Tamr, the Sassanids were planning to attack Rashidun camps. However, Khalid bin Walid was a step ahead and made a surprise move without being noticed.

The maneuver designed by Khalid was very risky but it worked perfectly the way he had planned. Khalid’s army successfully defeated the Arabs and Sassanids first at Muzayyah, then Saniyy, and finally at Zumeil with the same maneuver technique.

Among the Arabs who lost their lives at Muzayyah were two Muslims. As soon as the news reached Medina, Umar bin Khattab walked up to the Caliph Abu Bakr and angrily denounced this act of Khalid and his army. The Caliph then ordered to pay the blood-money to their families.

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