Mughal Emperor Alamgir II is assassinated

Today on the 29th of November in 1759 CE, the 14th Mughal Emperor Aziz al-Din (Alamgir II) was killed by the assassins sent by his wazir Imad al-Mulk and his Maratha allies. Alamgir II was a mere figurehead with all the real power vested in the hand of his kingmaker, Imad al-Mulk. He was a 55-year-old man at the time of his accession.

Alamgir II was a respectable, kindly and pious man, who never missed any of the daily prayers and occasionally delivered the sermons in the imperial Moti Masjid or Pearl Mosque within the Red Fort, says Dirk Collier.

At the time of his accession, he was a tired, fifty-five-year-old man, with no experience of either warfare or administration, as he had spent the better part of his life in confinement.

The Great Mughals and Their India, Dirk Collier

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